Imagine that pinched nerve subsiding right now, without surgery. DAG can.

Neck pain can be terrifying. It may be a pain that is localized right near the cervical spine, or it could travel to other parts of the body, such as down the arms, or create a burning sensation in the fingers. Neck injuries are given CAREFUL assessment, and rehab always errs on the side of caution when prescribing exercises. It is easy for a doctor to see WHY the neck hurts because an x-ray highlights how misaligned the vertebrae of the spine are, or an MRI shows a bulging disc or inflamed nerve root. But because the neck has such small muscles, we don’t give a lot of thought to “training” them. Yet training is at the core of your neck issues.

Ideally, our heads are correctly positioned when aligned on top of the shoulders. With a “forward head protrusion,” the head becomes misaligned with the shoulders and the neck is forced to crane forward.  Time and gravity are powerful forces, sculpting our body’s musculature. But those muscles can be retrained to hold the head in proper alignment to get rid of the pain.  DAG training methods “force” the head back up on top of the shoulders to alleviate the improper force of gravity — effectively reversing the time the head has spent in misalignment off of the shoulders. DAG can literally show you how to “keep your head on straight.” 

Imagine a rotator cuff injury that doesn't lead to the disabled list. DAG can. 

Whether it’s a contact-related shoulder injury, or whether you are an athlete who uses your arms in a throwing or swinging motion, there is a simple reason why shoulders get hurt: muscle imbalances. How do these muscle strength disproportions happen? Improper strength training and poor movement habits.  DAG knows why shoulders are breaking down faster than ever and more importantly we have the permanent fix.

DAG has invented a completely new training method that helps build the proper balance for the muscles that make the shoulder work in all planes of motion. For athletes who use their shoulder to throw or swing, the key to success is balancing the muscles that accelerate throwing/swinging versus the muscles that oppose it. Once balance is achieved, the pain will go away. The best part? Your arm will perform better than it has your entire career. DAG training methods for the shoulders are the FASTEST, SAFEST, and most LOGICAL techniques ever conceived. DAG knows the pain is real, and the solution is simple and fast.  Much simpler and much faster then the current state of the medical arts leads you to believe.

Imagine a UCL fix that doesn't involve an incision. DAG can. 

More and more pitchers are getting Tommy John surgeries at an alarming rate.  MLB has no idea why this is happening and has focused on just reducing pitching count instead of truly addressing the cause of this epidemic.  DAG recognizes what is causing all of these elbow issues and we can confidently say everyone is looking at the wrong place. Quite simply, elbow injuries rarely have anything to do with the elbow.  Instead, muscle imbalance and improper anatomical alignment are the underlying issues and DAG can reverse it -- eliminating pain in the elbow and making it a thing of the past. Elbow pain will no longer limit pitchers to an artificially low pitch count as long as they are training the DAG way.

Worried about every little pain or just want to make sure your healthy elbow doesn’t get injured? The best part of DAG philosophy and training techniques is that you will understand why your pain is occurring and know how never to let it happen again.  Say "hello" to a pain free career.

If you are not a pitcher, don’t worry because we also have you covered.  Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are very similar.  The cause and the fix are one and the same.

Imagine the pain from a bulging disc going away in one session with a trainer. DAG can. 

The back is the most misunderstood source of chronic pain in the body in the medical community. Doctors prescribe muscle relaxants to help your back relax, yet they then send you to another doctor of physical therapy whose goal is to strengthen and tighten up your back. Does this make sense?  Everyone with back pain typically ends up getting surgery or invasive procedures to address their pain. Most surgeons will agree that physical therapy rarely works and that their options are regrettably temporary as well. 

DAG easily recognizes the cause of back pain.  Muscle imbalances in your back play a key role in the pain you experience, but so does every muscle imbalance above and below that pain. Back musculature is only capable of handling about 400 pounds, but the hips and buttocks are capable of withstanding loads of nearly 6000 pounds. Simple math tells us which we should be using to carry our weight. The answer may sound simple, but learning to balance, stabilize, move, jump, lift, and play WITHOUT recruiting low back musculature instead of the hips and glutes is not easy. Why?   

The simple answer is we need to train to be strong enough to carry ourselves on our hips. And that takes practice. If you currently have back pain we can show you what we call “the place where pain doesn’t exist” in our first session and then help you attain the right strength to stay there.  It's that easy and that fast. You will be playing pain free in no time and ready to focus on being the athlete you were before the pain started. The future is now. DAG techniques are the new standard that will make back pain a thing of the past … permanently.

Imagine that intense shooting pain going away as fast as it arrived. Forever. DAG can. 

The hip, like the back, has many issues that can cause pain. While the hip is designed to take on the body’s weight with very little effort, it can also be the source of mysterious, extreme pain that can shoot down the legs and other parts of the body. While hip surgery is very common today, we believe it is also one of the most unnecessary procedures. The complexity of the hip lies in how many muscles and movements START from the hip and buttocks. Proper hip function is ALL about muscle balance AND proper alignment of the entire kinetic chain. When not properly aligned, balance problems, stabilization and coordination issues and once again muscle imbalances will cause pain. DAG proprietary training techniques solve this biomechanical challenge by fixing these muscle imbalances. Once we have assessed how you use your hip musculature and get you into DAG training, you will be on your way to new levels of performance. And it doesn’t take the ploddingly long time consumed by surgery and traditional physical therapy.

Imagine a hamstring that is so well balanced it will never tear. Ever. DAG can. 

Hamstring musculature

Movement science and physical therapy have been pushing unnecessary overdevelopment of the hamstrings for years. Why? Because the quads (the hamstring’s antagonist) are technically the largest group of muscles in the body. Many trainers and bodybuilders mistakenly believe that the hamstrings -- being much smaller in size -- MUST be built up in order to create the visual muscle balance between the two. But there is nothing that is further from the truth. DAG uses two simple assessments that reveal how POOR we are at using our quad strength. After these assessments you’ll realize how little we actually use our quads, and how much we rely upon our hamstrings -- leading to chronic problems with tears and pain. Once you experience our unique methodology, you will see that proper hamstring strength and tone can be achieved with a simple stretch here, a strengthening of a muscle group there, and proper training the DAG way.

No more hamstring injuries is achievable.

Calves Musculature

Calf muscles are also a source of chronic pain and problems. The causes are similar to those associated with hamstrings. The way we use and train our calves affects the way our bodies develop. We move and maintain balance based on the sensory information that travels from our feet to our heads. The calf muscles are the first large muscle group that stabilizes the body’s kinetic chain as we hit the ground during athletic movement.

We keep hearing from doctors and physical therapists that our calves are tight, resulting in Achilles tendon pain. In actuality (and unrecognized by those same doctors and physical therapists), ALL Achilles pain is caused by muscle imbalances.  If you have Achilles pain or tightness in your calves, it is due to these muscle imbalances and bad movement patterns, not because you are injured, deteriorating, or have loose ligaments or tendons. DAG methods will teach you how to run and jump using the calves the way they were supposed to load and bound, so you can take your game to another level -- and take your pain off the grid altogether.