"As a double-board certified physician in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine, I primarily treat patients who are suffering from chronic spinal and joint pain. Throughout my career, I have never come across any physical therapist or trainer alter poor postural alignment as well as DAG. It should be noted that poor postural alignment is in fact the root cause of many chronic musculoskeletal pain ailments. In fact, DAG helped my neck problems with techniques that I have never seen before, which also made total sense. I continually use DAG's exercises to this day which helps keep my own pain under control. I am a big supporter of DAG and know they will make a major impact on the physical therapy and performance training landscape."  
"Seeing the work that DAG does with athletes is eye-opening, to say the least. Their techniques are innovative and cutting edge -- and at the same time, the rational behind those techniques are logical and relatable. DAG is helping athletes change their approach to training, better understand their own body's health and safety, and improve their performance and career trajectory. It is really remarkable stuff, and gives athletes a true competitive advantage."
"I'm a tough critic and a skeptic by nature. I get calls all the time about something new that can help my players. When I first met with DAG, I asked many questions about this new 'technique' they had.  After the first visit, I immediately saw what separates DAG from all other physical therapists and trainers ... they treat many shoulder issues, using a technique I've never seen before that can isolate muscles on the back of the shoulder. DAG is able to bring the shoulder back into alignment and remove pain. After just a few days ... not weeks or months ... they were able to permanently fix shoulder pain and injury. I highly recommend DAG for professional athletes in MLB who are facing similar issues that are impeding their careers. DAG can fix muscle imbalances which is the core problem behind injuries without surgery or any injections."
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"As the owner of Rival Sports I need the best for my clients. DAG delivers techniques that have reversed injury faster than anything I have ever seen. We learned about their proprietary techniques and sent them to fix one of our quarterbacks, Terrelle Pryor with the Oakland Raiders, that had a 2nd degree MCL sprain. They flew in and fixed his knee in 4 days after doctors said it would take up to 4 weeks. I highly recommend these exercises to all my clients to stay injury free and realize their maximum movement and athletic potential. We have worked with many physical therapist and trainers that talk kinetic alignment and muscle imbalances. DAG is the first we have seen that can actually do something about it. DAG is a game changer."