"I recently was diagnosed with two herniated discs in the L4 and L5 in my lower back and have been dealing with pain in my back on and off for 5-6 years. My back got progressively worse throughout my senior year baseball season. I threw 97 innings that season and by the time the all star game came around after the season had ended, I was in the most pain I had ever been in. It hurt to walk and get out of bed, let alone to go out on to the mound and perform. I got two opinions from three of the best doctors in LA. A sports chiropractor, regular chiropractor, and back specialist. One recommended I shouldn't pitch again. While another recommended surgery, but also advised I would deal with back pain for as long as I play baseball.   After repeated sessions in physical therapy with a sports chiropractor I realized that I was not getting better,  I would feel better after walking out of therapy, but as soon as I went to throw the pain came right back.  In therapy the doctors were running traction on my back. This was supposed to stretch out my lower back and pull the herniated discs apart, providing relief. But this only provided very short term relief. It felt better right after treatment but as soon I ran, lifted, or pitched I was right back to square one. I also tried swimming, riding a bike, stretching, icing, losing weight, and even yoga to try and help ease my back pain. The general consensus of multiple doctors was “Justin you'll never be able to pitch without pain again, your back just will not be able to hold up.” After thinking I would never be able to pitch competitively again, I got introduced to DAG who showed me a presentation teaching me about kinetic alignment. No doctor or physical therapist showed me these things and it truly opened my eyes. This presentation showed me how I was creating my own back problems. I realized that through all my training, conditioning, and lifting I was putting immense amounts of stress on my lower back and was never Kinetically aligned. I couldn't believe how bad my alignment was which now I know directly caused my back issues. DAG had me out of pain in less than a week. This was an absolutely unbelievable feeling, I could not remember a previous moment in time when I had felt this good. After we got my back healthy and core stronger, DAG then helped me alter my throwing mechanics. DAG showed me the proper mechanics that now allow me to throw without putting any stress on my lower back. I now really look at my injury as a blessing. I would not have been able to perform at my full potential without the help and knowledge of DAG. My coaches are stunned that I am back from such a serious injury. Not only back, but looking and performing better than I was the previous off season. It is great to be back on the field and competing again at the college high level. Thank you so much for everything!"
 "As a QB, I recently suffered a bruised rotator cuff in a game. After meeting with two doctors I was told it would be a minimum of 4-6 weeks until I could return to the field. I was recommended PRP techniques along with physical therapy and the standard ice and rest. We decided to work with DAG Athletic Group and their proprietary techniques because I had to get back on the field sooner to help my team and not miss a majority of the season. Dave had me back on the field in less than a week. Everything he does makes sense and is the opposite of what the standard process looks like. The best thing is that my shoulder is stronger than it was before the injury and I am throwing harder. I have worked with many trainers and I have never seen the techniques they use and everything he has shown me makes complete sense. I will never have anyone else work on my shoulder. Thanks for everything Dave!"
"I was faced with injuries that were threatening yet another season in my short football career. The Lions were about to place me on the Injured Reserve meaning I would miss an entire season after missing most of my rookie year due to "unrelated" injuries. Both the team doctors and the coach felt I wouldn’t be able to return in any reasonable amount of time for me to help my team. My injuries, to the doctors and medical staff, traditionally heal slowly, while the rehab and getting back to peak physical condition is another chunk of time I would need. I was lucky enough to be introduced to DAG. He came in and showed me why I was injured, how my injuries from the past related to my current ones, how my postural and kinetic alignments affected my performance and then we began training with exercises I have never done or seen before that isolated all the muscles I needed to fix my alignment, while not involving any of my injured areas. It was work. REAL work. These exercises are no joke and after experiencing true muscle isolation it was some of the hardest exercises I have ever done. In just 6 days, I was back on the field. In that short time, I was able to train certain muscle strengths enough to positively alter my pain causing alignments in my body. Everything I have learned working with DAG has changed the way I look at training. Thank you for being there for me, Dags!"