Tristan Gebbia

After meeting with two doctors about my shoulder I was told it would be a minimum of 4-6 weeks until I could return to the field. They recommended PRP techniques,  physical therapy and the standard ice and rest. We decided to work with DAG Athletic Group and their proprietary techniques. Dave had me back on the field in less than a week. Everything he does makes sense and is the opposite of what the standard process looks like. The best thing is that my shoulder is stronger than it was before the injury and I am throwing harder. I will never have anyone else work on my shoulder. Thanks for everything Dave!

IMAGE | Sarah Hoffman/Omaha World-Herald

After doctors and specialists had me thinking I would never be able to pitch competitively again, I got introduced to DAG. They showed me a presentation teaching me about kinetic alignment. No doctor or physical therapist ever showed me these things and it truly opened my eyes. DAG showed me how I was creating my own back problems. I realized that through all my training, conditioning, and lifting I was putting immense amounts of stress on my lower back. DAG had me out of pain in less than a week. This was an absolutely unbelievable feeling, I could not remember a previous moment in time when I had felt this good. After we got my back healthy and core stronger, DAG then helped me alter my throwing mechanics. DAG showed me the proper mechanics that now allow me to throw without putting any stress on my lower back. I now really look at my injury as a blessing. I would not have been able to perform at my full potential without the help and knowledge of DAG. My coaches are stunned that I am back from such a serious injury. Not only back, but looking and performing better than I was the previous offseason
— Justin Dehn | Division 1 Pitcher

Kyle Van Noy

DAG came in and showed me why I was injured, how my injuries from the past related to my current ones, and how my postural and kinetic alignments affected my performance. Then we began training with exercises I have never done, or even seen before that isolated all the muscles I needed to fix my alignment, while not involving any of my injured areas. It was work. REAL work. Experiencing true muscle isolation was some of the hardest exercises I have ever done. In just 6 days, I was back on the field.  Everything I have learned working with DAG has changed the way I look at training. 

IMAGE | Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports

DAG looks at pain and performance as inseperable things. He is about Pro Bowls and performance, but shows why pain happens in me, and how that is keeping me from my potential. It sounds like common sense, until you realize how little you know about your body. DAG is helping me get a competitive advantage by helping me understand how pain is predictable and easily fixed - despite my hip pain being there for most of an entire NFL season while being treated by the best the NFL had to offer. In five days, not only was my pain gone, but I knew how to keep it gone for a lifetime. That is invaluable information to a professional athlete.
— Marquette King | NFL Punter

Vimal S. Lala, DO, MPH

Board Certified in Specialty of Pain Medicine | Director Advanced Pain Medical Group | Director Advanced Anesthesia Specilists


"As a double-board certified physician in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine, I primarily treat patients who are suffering from chronic spinal and joint pain. Throughout my career, I have never come across any physical therapist or trainer alter poor postural alignment as well as DAG. It should be noted that poor postural alignment is in fact the root cause of many chronic musculoskeletal pain ailments. In fact, DAG helped my neck problems with techniques that I have never seen before, which also made total sense. I continually use DAG's exercises to this day which helps keep my own pain under control. I am a big supporter of DAG and know they will make a major impact on the physical therapy and performance training landscape."