Imagine a rotator cuff injury that doesn't lead to the disabled list. DAG can. 

Whether it’s a contact-related shoulder injury, or whether you are an athlete who uses your arms in a throwing or swinging motion, there is a simple reason why shoulders get hurt: muscle imbalances. How do these muscle strength disproportions happen? Improper strength training and poor movement habits.  DAG knows why shoulders are breaking down faster than ever and more importantly we have the permanent fix.

DAG has invented a completely new training method that helps build the proper balance for the muscles that make the shoulder work in all planes of motion. For athletes who use their shoulder to throw or swing, the key to success is balancing the muscles that accelerate throwing/swinging versus the muscles that oppose it. Once balance is achieved, the pain will go away. The best part? Your arm will perform better than it has your entire career. DAG training methods for the shoulders are the FASTEST, SAFEST, and most LOGICAL techniques ever conceived. DAG knows the pain is real, and the solution is simple and fast.  Much simpler and much faster then the current state of the medical arts leads you to believe.