Rehabilitation can mean many things to different people. It could mean alleviating pain. It could mean restoring movement. Or it could mean a combination of both. But DAG believes it is this combination ALIGNED with the mental shift that takes place as we compensate to avoid pain. Rehab involves the process of not only alleviating pain and restoring movement and performance, it also involves -- perhaps most importantly -- mentally understanding what caused the pain and applying the knowledge you gain from DAG to prevent it from happening again.

Rehab suggests that there is a diagnosis involved. And your situation may need one. However, MOST injuries don’t come with a conclusive diagnosis. Floating objects in the knees. Impingement of the shoulder. Plantar fasciitis of the foot. Narrowing of the vertebrae. These are NOT injuries. These are all the direct result of poor technique reinforced by movement patterns, improper training, and resulting muscle imbalances. DAG rehab is like no other. Our proprietary pain alleviation and muscle isolation techniques allow you to discover that your pain is MORE OFTEN caused by improper strength training and movements rather than any condition or diagnosis provided by a doctor. Perhaps you’ve been told you’re grinding bone on bone and need a hip or knee replacement. Or maybe you’ve been told there’s not a clear way to fix your back. Skip the discouraging diagnosis and visit DAG. We can help you save your back, your knee, your hip, and your career. DAG will change your life within 5 sessions GUARANTEED.

For those recovering from an actual break or tear, the process doesn’t change. Our techniques and pain alleviation methods put NO pressure in the joints. This allows us to predict and control exertion on damaged joints and stress points. Controlling which muscles work, and more importantly which muscles do NOT work, is the secret of the DAG method that gets you back up and running faster than any technique or methodology currently available.