Every exercise and every movement you make provides a visual assessment and blueprint that helps us track your biomechanical pain to its source.  

With every movement you make, DAG specialists are gathering insight to the strengths your body possesses. At the same time, your movements reveal your body’s restrictions. We can determine what’s causing your injuries and preventing you from performing at peak performance by assessing your range of motion, speed of muscle contraction, amortization turnover, and other vital performance indicators. Once your movements have been assessed we build a training blueprint outlining your personalized path to pain-free performance – the same day. 

DAG assessments allow you to see WHAT needs change and HOW to change it. Understanding where you should start is all determined by where you currently are in the Pain Cycle. We can even provide a DAG training blueprint for clients who may not be experiencing pain, but who want to improve performance and prevent injuries. No matter what your goal – pain relief or enhanced performance — EVERY DAG blueprint provides insight into how your body works, how to improve it, and how to maintain it.