It’s time to retire the dangerous and outdated saying, “No pain. No gain.” Recurring pain is the body’s way of saying, “STOP! You’re doing it all wrong.” The way you move could be the problem. The way you train could be the problem. Lack of flexibility or overdeveloped strength could also be the problem. But when your body says, “DON’T MOVE this joint/area of your body, you’re doing DAMAGE to it,” it’s time to listen. If you don’t, your body will naturally enter a very logical pain cycle that forces the body to go through a progression of changes that can lead to chronic pain, repeated injury, and impeded performance.

Have you accepted that having pain is a part of being an athlete? Has your performance been hindered because of pain? Do you feel that you just have bad body parts? That is not the case, and we're not just telling you -- we can show you why. The DAG proprietary philosophy, techniques, and training will not only help you gain a better understanding of your body and why you have pain, but they will also give you the tools and training to get rid of pain permanently.