Imagine a hamstring that is so well balanced it will never tear. Ever. DAG can. 


Hamstring musculature

Movement science and physical therapy have been pushing unnecessary overdevelopment of the hamstrings for years. Why? Because the quads (the hamstring’s antagonist) are technically the largest group of muscles in the body. Many trainers and bodybuilders mistakenly believe that the hamstrings -- being much smaller in size -- MUST be built up in order to create the visual muscle balance between the two. But there is nothing that is further from the truth. DAG uses two simple assessments that reveal how POOR we are at using our quad strength. After these assessments you’ll realize how little we actually use our quads, and how much we rely upon our hamstrings -- leading to chronic problems with tears and pain. Once you experience our unique methodology, you will see that proper hamstring strength and tone can be achieved with a simple stretch here, a strengthening of a muscle group there, and proper training the DAG way.

No more hamstring injuries is achievable.

Calves Musculature

Calf muscles are also a source of chronic pain and problems. The causes are similar to those associated with hamstrings. The way we use and train our calves affects the way our bodies develop. We move and maintain balance based on the sensory information that travels from our feet to our heads. The calf muscles are the first large muscle group that stabilizes the body’s kinetic chain as we hit the ground during athletic movement.

We keep hearing from doctors and physical therapists that our calves are tight, resulting in Achilles tendon pain. In actuality (and unrecognized by those same doctors and physical therapists), ALL Achilles pain is caused by muscle imbalances.  If you have Achilles pain or tightness in your calves, it is due to these muscle imbalances and bad movement patterns, not because you are injured, deteriorating, or have loose ligaments or tendons. DAG methods will teach you how to run and jump using the calves the way they were supposed to load and bound, so you can take your game to another level -- and take your pain off the grid altogether.