Imagine a 2nd degree MCL sprain healing in less than a week. DAG can. 

We’re not supposed to have knee pain. Period. Did you have knee pain as a kid? You ran and jumped all day long and your knees didn’t hurt. Why should it be any different now? What has changed? Don’t discount it to old age or over use. The human body is perfectly designed to run and jump our entire lives, but poor habits, improper training, injury, or pain have caused changes in our movement. That’s at the root of knee pain.  

Go to a surgeon or physical therapist with knee pain and they’ll do what they’re trained to do and this often provides unsatisfactory results such as multiple knee surgeries without ever fixing the overall problem. The overall problem is embedded in certain biomechanical movements that caused the pain in the first place. Physical therapists fail to fix the overall problem because they only try to strengthen the muscles around the knee and only apply short-term pain relief measures. You’re prescribed anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling by one doctor, but then another doctor recommends PRP treatments which is designed to make it swell again. Why is everyone telling you something different? Why does the pain keep coming back?  DAG knows this science better than anyone.

Ironically, knee pain rarely has anything to do with the knee. Rather, it is the direct result of improper movement and muscle imbalances that create compensations that result in force being placed into your knee instead of your hips. If the specialists aren’t correcting your movement then they aren’t fixing you. DAG techniques can reverse your muscle imbalances and give you a permanent fix to your knee problems. We can help you alleviate the knee pain then correct the improper movements that caused it.