Imagine that intense shooting pain going away as fast as it arrived. Forever. DAG can. 

The hip, like the back, has many issues that can cause pain. While the hip is designed to take on the body’s weight with very little effort, it can also be the source of mysterious, extreme pain that can shoot down the legs and other parts of the body. While hip surgery is very common today, we believe it is also one of the most unnecessary procedures. The complexity of the hip lies in how many muscles and movements START from the hip and buttocks. Proper hip function is ALL about muscle balance AND proper alignment of the entire kinetic chain. When not properly aligned, balance problems, stabilization and coordination issues and once again muscle imbalances will cause pain. DAG proprietary training techniques solve this biomechanical challenge by fixing these muscle imbalances. Once we have assessed how you use your hip musculature and get you into DAG training, you will be on your way to new levels of performance. And it doesn’t take the ploddingly long time consumed by surgery and traditional physical therapy.