Imagine Plantar Fasciitis being eliminated in minutes not months. DAG can. 

The arch of the foot is one of the most stable structures in the body. The arch has been applied to architecture, rock formations, bridges and domes. It is the strongest support design known to man, and we have one in our foot that only has to support our body weight and our movements. Yet what happens when we begin to get chronic foot pain? Doctors prescribe an orthotic that acts as a brace for our arch. Braces allow the foot to relax -- to not work as hard -- encouraging the arch to atrophy and cause muscle imbalances. These imbalances are a killer to performance and yet orthotics are mistakenly viewed as a long-term fix by doctors and physical therapists. With the advanced DAG methodology, your foot pain can be viewed as a simple muscle imbalance that has turned into chronic misuse, followed by chronic bad habits and improper movement patterns, which finally results in continuous foot pain.

Let us show you the simple techniques that can bring you INSTANT relief.  All of our clients walk out after ONE session relieved to learn that they are not injured and are not destined to a life with chronic pain.

Plantar fasciitis gone in one day?  With DAG it is happening.