You’ve read about the Pain Cycle and the Medical Cycle, but today we are introducing a completely new way to achieve optimal physical health for pain-free performance, the DAG Cycle. Built from the ground up by top training experts and supported by leading sports medicine authorities, our techniques have helped everyone from elite athletes to everyday health enthusiasts achieve pain-free movement and optimal performance, no matter where their pain exists. 

No more frustration and wasted time relying upon a group of experts who might agree on the source of your pain, but disagree on the approach to fixing it. No more reliance on medications, resting, waiting, and only HOPING for results. DAG delivers predictable results, and we’re the only one that can claim that. Our techniques are so new and have gotten such acclaimed results that we have doctors wanting to learn more about our approach and how they can use DAG methods to help their patients achieve similar results.

DAG will show you the proper path to pain-free movement, and for the first time your pain will make sense to YOU.