Welcome to the DAG Athletic Group.  

You’ve never seen the DAG training and exercise techniques before, for one simple reason. They didn’t exist. 

The DAG proprietary system of pain alleviation and corrective exercise techniques — invented by DAG – are a completely new and unique approach to rehab and athletic training. No injections. No invasive procedures. Built from the ground up by top training experts and supported by leading sports medicine authorities, our techniques have helped everyone from elite athletes to everyday health enthusiasts achieve pain-free movement and optimal performance, no matter where their pain exists – from head to toe. In just one session with us, you will quickly learn why we are different, and why you have never achieved faster and more complete results.

If your pain limits your performance, or you are just tired of feeling pain, we have perfected the science to move you forward — to leave pain behind. We have a proven success record working with professional athletes in all major sports. And we’re confident we can help you.

Remember Life Before Pain?

Remember when you could play and not be hindered by pain?  It was probably when you were younger and didn’t have to worry about an injury and what implications it might have for your athletic abilities or quality of living.

DAG recognizes and respects the human body for its perfected physiological design, built to endure the daily force of gravity and distribution of weight. Natural movement SHOULD be pain free. But over the years, as our bodies develop, we subconsciously form bad habits and improper muscle recruitment causing structural misalignments that limit motion and rob us of pain-free movement and optimal performance.

Tightness, tendonitis, tissue tears, strained hamstrings, swelling, one-time pain, persistent neck, back, shoulder, hip, joint, ankle, or wrist pain. We’ve seen it all, and we have the experience and knowledge to fix it fast — and keep it fixed. The DAG proprietary training methods took years of research to perfect, resulting in a proven technique that stops the cycle of pain and repeated injury. We’ve redefined how to recover and rehabilitate so you can achieve your highest level of athletic performance … faster and safer than the top orthopedic and biomechanical experts have been able to conceive – let alone achieve.

Take the DAG journey and learn how you can return to a time when pain didn’t impede your life.