Imagine the pain from a bulging disc going away in one session with a trainer. DAG can. 

The back is the most misunderstood source of chronic pain in the body in the medical community. Doctors prescribe muscle relaxants to help your back relax, yet they then send you to another doctor of physical therapy whose goal is to strengthen and tighten up your back. Does this make sense?  Everyone with back pain typically ends up getting surgery or invasive procedures to address their pain. Most surgeons will agree that physical therapy rarely works and that their options are regrettably temporary as well. 

DAG easily recognizes the cause of back pain.  Muscle imbalances in your back play a key role in the pain you experience, but so does every muscle imbalance above and below that pain. Back musculature is only capable of handling about 400 pounds, but the hips and buttocks are capable of withstanding loads of nearly 6000 pounds. Simple math tells us which we should be using to carry our weight. The answer may sound simple, but learning to balance, stabilize, move, jump, lift, and play WITHOUT recruiting low back musculature instead of the hips and glutes is not easy. Why?   

The simple answer is we need to train to be strong enough to carry ourselves on our hips. And that takes practice. If you currently have back pain we can show you what we call “the place where pain doesn’t exist” in our first session and then help you attain the right strength to stay there.  It's that easy and that fast. You will be playing pain free in no time and ready to focus on being the athlete you were before the pain started. The future is now. DAG techniques are the new standard that will make back pain a thing of the past … permanently.